Openreach Reductions and 20Gbps+

Openreach price reductions and enhanced, high bandwidth, services

As an Openreach CP we are pleased to pass on the news that Openreach are dropping some prices and enhancing existing services at 10Gbps and above.

From April 1st this year Openreach are dropping pricing on new installations for 100Mbps, 1Gbps and 10Gbps services.  This applies to the EAD (Ethernet Access Direct) range of circuits, so point to point products.  Reductions vary across the range so please contact us for more information.

For organisations requiring very high bandwidths of 10Gbps or more, there is also good news with the release of the OSA Filter Connect product line.  The standard product is a 10Gbps managed service (cheaply upgraded to 20) but also has a further 6 spare channels (wavelengths) onto which you may install any equipment at any speed.


Finally, the dark fibre debate is still ongoing but we aren’t expecting to see availability any time soon!