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Microsoft Azure

ExpressRoute is an Azure service from Microsoft allowing you to create a direct, private, connection between your local infrastructure and all the services available from the Azure Cloud.

Openreach Reductions and 20Gbps+

As an Openreach CP we are pleased to pass on the news that Openreach are dropping some prices and enhancing existing services at 10Gbps and above.

Are you still using older WAN services?

Over the last few years carriers (almost without exception) have been dropping prices. Most businesses use some kind of WAN service, whether it's simply an internet connection or something more complicated. 

1Gbps, 10Gbps or Dark Fibre

Bandwidth choices are on the increase, particularly as Dark Fibre is now available without previously prohibitive price levels.

Dark Fibre Access from BT Openreach

LinchPin are pleased to announce we have been chosen by Openreach to take part in the first phase of their new product offering, DFA (Dark Fibre Access).

£700 off BT 1Gbps Leased Line

BT Openreach are running a new promotion and offering £700 off the standard installation charge of their 1Gbps EAD circuits until the end of March 2017.

Offer on 100Mbps P2P connections

BT Openreach have been running a special offer of £1,050 Install for 100Mbps point to point connections (EAD Circuits). This offer ends at the end of September and pricing will revert back to £2,050.

Direct Connection using ExpressRoute

Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute is a service from Microsoft allowing Azure users to create a direct, private, connection to the Microsoft Azure family of products such as Office 365 and CRM directly to their own private WAN.

10Gbps P2P Connections

We are pleased to announce LinchPin are among the first CP's to be authorized to sell the new 10Gbps variant of BT's successful EAD (Ethernet Access Direct) range.